In 2018, Mundo Sano, together with the Association for Regional Health Care Development (Asociación para el Desarrollo Sanitario Regional –ADESAR), a governmental organization, universities and other public and private institutions, launched the Project for Maternal and Child Health Care in the Tripoint Border of the Chaco Region, an initiative seeking to strengthen and supplement local health care capacities in order to help eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and Chagas disease in the Argentina-Bolivia-Paraguay tripoint border area.

The Project term is three years and it is directed to pregnant women residing in the border area extending over Santa Victoria Este (Argentina), Crevaux and D’orbigni (Paraguay), and Pozo Hondo and San Agustín (Bolivia) and their respective neighboring locations, all of which make up a universe of approximately 23,000 people.

Every two months, an interdisciplinary team consisting of gynecologist-obstetricians, biochemists, ultrasound examination technicians, pediatricians, infectious disease physicians and family doctors take over six intensive interventions per year in every location and populated spot of this three-country area. These interventions include: initial assessment, follow-up, ultrasound and serological control of pregnant women and newborns, and treatment and/or referral in cases where the condition calls for care exceeding local capacities.

All medical actions are entered, in real time, in a specific information system by the practitioners themselves using electronic devices. This allows various health care and coordination functions accessing collected data, in a confidential environment, for analysis from different remote locations. The Project also includes training activities designed for certain actors from the involved communities.


Mundo Sano is a family foundation that, through field research, contributes to public policies intended to improve the lives of people suffering from neglected tropical diseases (NTD's), which are those that affect the most vulnerable segments of society. At present, Mundo Sano has its headquarters and five other offices in Argentina. In addition, it has set up an office in Madrid, from which the foundation implements various programs in Spain and Africa.