On March 5 at the SEGIB (Ibero American General Secretariat) in Spain, Mundo Sano introduced the “Not a Single Baby With Chagas Disease” project, which is committed to bring visibility to this very unfair illness, so that all babies born to mothers with Chagas disease and all childbearing-age females have access to diagnosis and treatment.

The event featured contributions by Silvia Gold, president, Mundo Sano Foundation; Rebeca Grynspan, Secretary General, Ibero American General Secretariat; Pedro Albajar, Director, Chagas Program, WHO, Javier Martos, Technical Director, Unicef Spain; Marcelo Abril, CEO, Mundo Sano Foundation; and Mariano Sigman, neuro-scientist and patron member of Mundo Sano Foundation, who discussed Chagas disease origin and evolution, as well as the priority goal of ending mother-to-child transmission of the disease.

During her presentation, Silvia Gold, president, Mundo Sano Foundation, remarked that “within the framework of our Sustainable Development Objectives, we are determined to contribute to Chagas disease elimination. At present, we find ourselves at an exciting new stage, because we already have official treatment standards and the medication is available. To be able to share this news at SEGIB, which is the home of Ibero America, together with the WHO and UNICEF, Spain, is no doubt, the best platform.”
Originated in Latin America, Chagas infection has now spread to 8 million people and, owing to recent migration flows, it is estimated that there are between 50,000 and 100,000 infected people in Spain and 300,000 in the United States.

Included below are the main headlines of important media in Spain, after the introduction of the “Not a Single Baby With Chagas disease” campaign:

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Mundo Sano is a family foundation that, through field research, contributes to public policies intended to improve the lives of people suffering from neglected tropical diseases (NTD's), which are those that affect the most vulnerable segments of society. At present, Mundo Sano has its headquarters and five other offices in Argentina. In addition, it has set up an office in Madrid, from which the foundation implements various programs in Spain and Africa.