The campaign “Not a single baby with Chagas disease” received the GOLDStevie International Awards, category:Corporate Social Responsibility. This award, given by The International Business Awards, was created in 2002 to recognize the contribution and achievements of organizations, NGOs and professionals worldwide. Every year, more than 12,000 nominations are submitted by organizations from more than 75 countries.

The Foundation was also awarded the SABRE Latin America, category Not for profit,an award granted by the The Holmes Report.

Broth awards recognize the merit, originality, relevance, specific objectives, creative strategies and tactics, as well as demonstrable outcomes of the presented campaigns.


Mundo Sano is a family foundation that, through field research, contributes to public policies intended to improve the lives of people suffering from neglected tropical diseases (NTD's), which are those that affect the most vulnerable segments of society. At present, Mundo Sano has its headquarters and five other offices in Argentina. In addition, it has set up an office in Madrid, from which the foundation implements various programs in Spain and Africa.